BELLAMBI Outing is ON (15th September)

Hi Everybody,
Looks like we might be lucky.  This month we don’t have a wet alternative weekend (because 25 of us will be at Kangaroo Island) we will take the risk with the outing.  Rug up, bring a rain jacket and wear good shoes for walking in the sand.  You watch … the sun will come out and we will have clear skies for the walk …  Low tide is at 9am.
See you either at Jannali (7.30am) or at Bellambi (8.30am) – Details in post below this one).






 From Thursday 3rd October Sydney Harbour is hosting an Armada of Tall Ships & Warships to celebrate 100 years since the first Naval Fleet sailed into Sydney Harbour.

 Activities in brief included in this feast of photographic opportunities:

·       Thursday 3rd October – Tall Ships sailing into Sydney Harbour on Thursday morning from 11am – 2pm.

·       Friday 4th – 40 Navy Warships from all over the World arrive in Sydney Harbour.

·       Saturday 5th – Full day of activities:

·         9.50am – 10am 100 gun salute from Garden Island

·         3 x reviewing lines of ships will proceed through the harbour (nose to tail) from 10am till 2.30pm.

·         The first 2 review lines will pass by Kirribilli House where the review ship, the HMAS Leeuwin will be stationed.

·         10am the first review line of minor war vessels will proceed past the review ship.

·         10.30am, the second reviewing line will come into the harbour compiled of seven RAN warships lead by HMAS Sydney, and this line will represent the original 7 warships of the 1913 fleet.  They will proceed up the Harbour and file past Kirribilli House.

·         12.30pm the third reviewing line compiled of HMAS Leeuwin, HMAS Advance, STS Young Endeavour and the Lady Hopetoun will move through the harbour to review all the other countries warships that are moored at various points within the harbour.

·         2.30pm on the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Australian Air force will conduct flypasts over the Harbour.

·         Also from 2.30pm – 6.30pm, naval helicopter Search & Rescue displays will be held.

·         Then International Fleet Review Fireworks and Lightshow. 

                   .     The Lightshow will be projected onto hulls of the Warships anchored in the Harbour together with displays on the Harbour Bridge & Pylons as well as the Opera House sails.

.    The Fireworks will be set off from various locations in the harbour including off four of the Warships.

I am intending to have a few outings over this time.  Here are some of my ideas that we can discuss at the meeting Thursday night.

 1.       IDEA – Thursday morning 3rd October – Catch train into City, then Ferry over to Taronga Zoo, then walk (or bus) up the hill then walk in to Bradley’s Head for the Tall Ships entry into the Harbour (11am – 2pm).  With morning light, photographing the ships from the southern shoreline will be spoilt by flaring, and because the ships come so close to the northern shore as they round Bradley’s Head, it’s the perfect vantage point.  They are moving through the harbour and birthing in and around Darling Harbour, so hopefully they will be under full sail coming up to, and passing by Bradley’s Head.  

2.       IDEA – Friday morning 4th October – Catch train into City buying a day tripper ticket (multiple ferry trips).  Catch a ferry to Manly and return to coincide with fleet Warships entry into Harbour.  Catch the ferry again to Manly return, to get more opportunities.

 3.       IDEA – Saturday Options:

a.       Catch train in early to go to vantage point of either Opera House or Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

b.      Pay $85 and go on a 4hour Cruise in the Harbour with a BBQ lunch (11-3)

c.       Then after either option above, go to or back to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair mid-afternoon to wait for the Light Show & Fireworks, then walk back to Martin Place Station.     

We will discuss options at the meeting , and I will have more info about cruises available …Greg