– Understanding Digital Photography

My courses have been running for over 13 years now with 2,500 students participating.

Courses on offer in Term 1, 2019 (recently updated)
Monday Night Course             4th February – 1st April, 2019
Tuesday Night Course            5th February – 2nd April, 2019
Wednesday Night Course      6th February – 3rd April, 2019
Note: Day mid-week classes (AM/PM) also run on demand
(class size – 6)
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The cost of the course is $200 ($25 – 2 hour lesson)

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This Understanding Digital Photography Course teaches you how to get off AUTO and start really creating images that appeal, not from luck, but from understanding your camera. It is designed for people from little or no photography experience to those with some knowledge, but want to expand their skills.

These courses run over 8 lessons, and are designed to be for people to participate in a Term of classes, and gain a better understanding of photography.
There is an option also to continue with you’re photographic journey (after having a 4 week break), by coming back (with many of the same students), to further extend your interest (therefore passion) in photography.

This course is an 8 class/workshop (16 hour) course, which is split into 6 theory classes and 2 practical hands-on location workshops.
It is a personalised course with class size limited to 6 students.
The idea is not to follow a set course structure, rather, to individually tailor the course to suit students interests, needs and ability level, and to teach them to achieve what they want with their photography.

Classes are held at my office in Bonnet Bay.

The Courses are designed to allow you to:
. Learn how to use your camera to its potential, by getting off the AUTO mode
. Teach you how to develop compositional techniques, and understand the amazing difference good composition makes
. Help you learn what setting to have your camera on to achieve the best results when taking different subjects, no matter whether you prefer to take landscapes, portraits or sport
. Teach you to understand exposure (the biggest problem we have with digital photography)
. Learn how to get sharp images and avoid blur …
. Gain an understanding of the functions & menus on your camera.

We can start from scratch, if you are a beginner, and cover from the basics up.  No prior knowledge or understanding of a camera or techniques is necessary.

Some of the classes  are designed to extend those with a prior knowledge, to better understand photography elements and composition.

A lot of people that attend my classes, are doing so to achieve better results, but I always find that a lot are only shooting AUTO mode, missing the opportunity to become artistic or creative with their photography because of the limitations in using Auto.  I will change this, but from understanding – not from experimentation.

The Course is structured around DSLR and mirrorless cameras, but 80% of the content is relevant to all digital cameras including hybrid models.

Tasks are set to photograph each week, and images reviewed at the start of the next lesson (anonymously).  These tasks are intended to allow you to develop a hands-on understanding of your camera between classes, using what you have learnt at the previous class.

A main feature of my courses (besides the personalised lessons) is the two practical workshops. Using your camera to learn more than just classroom theory.  Mind you, theory is important and necessary, but I have found students find the workshops invaluable part of this course.
The two Workshops included in the 8 classes, are the key to achieving a ‘hands on’ understanding of both your camera and photographic techniques.  When faced with changing conditions & subjects, it’s good to be able to turn to somebody and ask questions, and get advice.

During the course we will view over 500 images on a large LCD screen.  You are learning a visual medium, so I feel that seeing images is important, then discussing them so that you can better understand basic photographic techniques and the results you get when changing the modes & functions on your camera.

Over the weeks we will look at many aspects of photography including, composition, exposure, shutter speed & aperture, as well as ISO settings and exposure compensation, just to name a few.  We will look at the differences between Auto, Program, Av (A), Tv (S) and Manual modes, and when you should use the different modes on your camera.

Because of the range of abilities and equipment, in any photography course, there will be always some aspects of the class/workshops that might not suit your needs, or your camera, but for much of this course, I have tried to incorporate basic photographic techniques that will suit all of you, no matter what your experience, or what type or brand of camera you use.

This course covers the basic fundamentals of good digital photography.  Prior knowledge of cameras or photography is not necessary.  It is a starting point for people who have an interest in photography, and want to understand more fully their camera and how to use it.  We learn how to take images that are interesting, not only to you, but also to others.  To do this, we need to learn how to stop being a percentage shooter, and become a knowledgeable photographer.

The knowledge you will gain from this course will lead you to fine tune your photography skills and expand your ability to shoot in even more lighting situations, and understanding of good compositional techniques.
If you are interested in participating, give me a ring to discuss further, then if wishing to enrol, I will give you an enrolment number, and email out your enrolment form that you can fill in electronically and email back to me.  I will confirm receipt of your enrolment paperwork and payment.

Courses on offer in Term 1, 2019 ($200)
Monday Night Course             4th February – 1st April, 2019
Tuesday Night Course            5th February – 2nd April, 2019
Wednesday Night Course      6th February – 3rd April, 2019
(class size – 6)
Note: Day mid-week classes (AM/PM) also run on demand
(0415 412 244 ) to inquire

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Gift Certificates are available …

Happy shooting, and hope we can enjoy your hobby at some of my classes, Greg