zzz Private Lessons

Attending Private Lessons can suit individuals, shift workers and mum’s who don’t have the flexibility to attend a course on a set night every week.

Private lessons are conducted at my home/office in Bonnet Bay. They are tailored around your specific needs and questions, on things like, how to operate your camera’s functions & menus, as well as how to improve your digital photography by understanding exposure (light) and composition.

Private lessons cost $75 per hour, even if you come with 2 friends and share the cost.

Private lessons can be held during the day (weekdays), or some evenings during the week, at a time to suit your work commitments or schedule.

If you wish, the Private Lessons are also a way of covering all the course content that is covered in the 10 week course, but with the flexibility of nominating which day and at what time you want to have a lesson, and it does not need to be every week. You might prefer to space out your lessons to get a chance to practice more before coming again. Tasks are set to photograph each lesson, then, we can review you images at the start of the next lesson.

Most people that attend the lessons, have a passion to achieve better results, but I still find that a lot are shooting on AUTO mode! I will change this, but from understanding – not from experimentation.

Have some questions, go to the ‘Contact Greg‘ page of this website to request further information about the flexibility of these private lessons … or ring 0415 412 244

Happy shooting, and hope we can enjoy your hobby at some of my private lessons or classes.

Have some questions? Go to the Contact page to request further information
… or phone Greg on 0415 412 244

Gift Certificates are available …