Online Photography Course 101

Note: Face-to-Face Courses also usually run, but due to COVID 19, have been suspended till safe to do so.
(Content and cost of Online Course is the same as the Face-to-Face Course)

My Online Photography Course 101 is designed to unlock the mysteries of better photography.  You will gain insight in how to take control of your camera and how to recognise what will make a better photograph.  Developing these skills will allow you to start creating great images, not just keep taking happy snaps.


  • 1st class is FREE, so that you can decide if the course is for you
  • Ring me (0415 412 244) to book in for your FREE lesson
  • After this FREE lesson, if you decide to do the course, let me know, and I will send enrolment details
  • I will then ring you to answer any questions, and discuss availability


  • Classes are ‘Real-Time’, where you interact with me, ask questions, and get feed-back
  • Maximum of 8 students per Course
  • Online Course uses ZOOM platform
  • Between classes you can always ring me if you have any questions


  • To understand photography has only 3 key settings to get right – Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO
  • To understand how important Light and Composition are to good photography, and how to use them
  • To control the camera, by keeping it simple
  • To get off Auto, and allow you to start creating great images, not just take happy snaps …
  • To become a better photographer, by learning to think as a photographer
  • To appreciate how ‘Lightroom’ enhancement program can further improve your images
  • To understand the 11 basics of photography, and with that knowledge, you WILL take better photos

COURSE (in more detail)

  • The Course gives you the knowledge, then with study and practice, you WILL become a better photographer …
  • Tasks are set to photograph and submit between each lesson
  • You can submit your Task images weekly, then the following lesson, we look at them and discuss
  • You can also submit other images that you have questions about e.g. How can I improve this … or why did this image not work?
  • Weekly reading assignments are given
  • Emphasis on understanding:   1. Settings on your camera    2. Using Light   3. Creating Compositions
  • Course presentation uses Powerpoint slides in a progressive learning format


  • Courses run on-demand and start regularly, when filled …
  • Morning or Evening Courses are offered on either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Morning Courses – 10.30am – 12 noon
  • Evening Courses – 7pm – 8.30pm
  • Lessons are recorded (audio/video) so if you miss a lesson, I can send it to you to catch-up
  • Note: Evening Courses are running NOW – Morning Courses will start back on 28th September


  • You do the first 1½ hour lesson for FREE …
  • There are an additional 8 x 1½ hour lessons in this Photography 101 Course
  • You can usually decide whether you prefer a small or large class size
    • 4 students        $325 pp
    • 6 students        $225 pp
    • 8 students        $175 pp
  • Duration – 13 ½ hours tuition (free lesson included)


  • Online Course has the convenience of doing the course in the comfort of your own home
  • We don’t use video, only mic (mobile phone mic/earpiece can work fine)
  • Zoom is a free download, and is simple to use
  • I will send you easy-to-follow Zoom instructions
  • I can run a test webinar for you, so you can practice ‘joining-in’ before lessons start
  • The way it works, is that you view-my-screen on your computer, listen, and interact

Go to my Flickr website to see my photography.

If you have some questions or wish to join a FREE lesson, give me a ring on 0415 412 244.
You can also go to my Contact Page of my website and request further information.

Hope you, friends or family can join me in one of my classes shortly.

Thanks for your interest,
Greg Ford