Online Adobe Lightroom Course – Develop Module

The Lightroom Course is structured on learning how to get the most out of your images, by using the full potential of the Adobe Lightroom Develop Module.


  • Only 5 students in each Course
  • Course split into two classes of 2½ hours

Lesson 1

  • We go through the functionality of the Develop Module interface
  • We start from scratch, downloading images, progressive enhancement techniques, right through to how to export enhanced images
  • I explain all the functions that are available including using sliders, brushes, menus, and other tools
  • The workflow of using the functions is a key to the results you will achieve
  • There is a week between the two lessons, allowing you time to practice and put together your questions

Lesson 2

  • We answer your questions
  • Finish remaining theory
  • Process some of YOUR images to see the difference this program can make


  • Cost for the 5 hour, 2 night Course is $95

Go to my Flickr website to see some of my photography.

Have some questions, give me a ring (0415 412 244), or you can go to my Contact Page of my website and request further information.
Hope you, friends or family can join me in one of my classes shortly.

Thanks for your interest,
Greg Ford