– Understanding Light and Composition

The duration of this course is 30 hours, focusing on its FIVE, four hour City Workshops (4 daylight, 2 twilight to dark).

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Note:  This course is unlike my other course.  It does not follow on one Workshop after another.  If you miss a Workshop then you won’t miss an important element that affects the next Workshop.  You will still be able to makeup up to 2 missed workshops, in another Term.

The course starts off with the Introduction Night Class (#1) held at the Guide Hall, at Como, discussing the important elements associated with Light & Composition.   Introducing you to the diverse number of factors associated with Composition, and the realisation of how many things that can influence your images.  We then look at an overview of images taken at the first three Workshop locations, discussing the possibilities associated with simplicity, cropping, light and composition.

For the weekend Workshops, we will meet at Jannali Station (for those located in the south), or others living elsewhere, can meet us when we arrive in the City.  At each Workshop, you will work in different groups of four.

The cost of the course is $395

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At the start, you will a brief for the Workshop, a map, and compositional notes.

It is intended that during the Workshop, your group will discuss opportunities, subjects, camera settings, and ideas, and develop a broader appreciation of the surrounding environment – To collectively think outside the square …

With the morning Workshops, we will be meeting at Jannali Station at 7.20am, on a Saturday or Sunday morning (weather permitting).  Twilight/Night Workshops times will be allocated subject to time of year.

We start our City Workshops by first visiting the ‘Botanic Gardens’ (#2), followed a week or so later – ‘The Rocks Perimeter’ (#3).

Our third of the first group of Workshops will be a Twilight/Night Workshop at ‘China Town and Darling Harbour’ (#4), starting at Central, and finishing at Town Hall.

The next time we meet is a Class Review Night (#5), again at the Guide hall at Como looking at images taken at the first three Workshops.  You will be asked to hand in your images using ‘WeTransfer’, a week before the lesson, so that they can be added to the presentation.

The review night will look at and discuss the images taken (anonymously) looking at the way the light has been used and captured, and how compositional elements have been used in the images submitted.

At this stage of our photographic journey, we need constructive feedback to make us aware of what we get right, and what we need to work on.  Feedback from others in the course is encouraged.  We will also look at other images that have been taken at the same Workshops previously, to get a better overview of opportunities that existed.

From here we do our next three City workshops, again meeting at Jannali Station at 7.20am, on a Saturday or Sunday morning (weather permitting), for a further two morning Workshops.  Groups will be allocated as before.

Our fourth Workshop will again visit ‘The Rocks – Centre’ (#6), but this time the Central area of the Rocks looking at different locations, lighting and therefore compositions.  At this Workshop, there will be a limitation though.  You will need to shoot wide angle, and an aperture of f11, with the intention of capturing EVERYTHING in focus.  This is a Workshop to make you aware of composition and to eliminate distractions when shooting wide …

Finally ‘The Rocks Twilight/Night Workshop’ (#7) where we will visit the Rocks at Twilight/Night, capturing the historic mystical light on the century past buildings and features.

Images will be handed in again by ‘WeTransfer’, and we will have the second ‘Class Review Night’ (#8) reviewing the images from the final 3 workshops as before.

The last night of the course is ‘Enhancement & Cropping’ (#9).  What opportunities did we miss with our submissions from all six Workshops?  We will also discuss camera settings, lenses used and the outcomes they produced.

We will also look at one other Task required to shoot during the three Rocks Workshops.  That Task is to ONLY capture OLD in your images – No modern elements in the images.  The images must be handed in as B&W or sepia, representing images of years past.

Well, that’s it … a way of motivating your photography into the future.

Our City is a magical place to create images – the parklands, the modern, and the historical Rocks prescient.

The cost of the 5 City Workshops and 4 Lesson ‘Understanding Light & Composition Course’ is $395

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Gift Certificates are available …