Sutherland Shire Photography Classes

My name is Greg Ford, and I’ve been involved with photography for over 25 years.

My photography school has been operating in the Sutherland Shire for 8 years, with more than 1,500 students participating in my classes.

As well as operating my photography school, I am a professional photographer shooting Weddings, Portraiture, Commercial, Sport and General Photography.  I have also held over 25 Photographic Exhibitions.

I also run the Shire Amateur Photographers’ Society that has meetings every month at the Sutherland United Services Club where we have a regular attendance of up to 100 keen amateur photographers.  The Society has regular photographic outings, Mystery Tours (night & day), and annual Photographic Trips away.  Previous trips away include NZ (South Is), Tassie and Broken Hill

Gift Certificates are available for all lesson types.

I have two options with my photography classes – 25 hour courses or private lessons.

The first of my courses is Understanding Digital Photography’.  It is designed for people with little or no digital photography experience.   It is a 25 hour theory and practical workshop course which includes 4 practical workshops.  A Como Pleasure Grounds landscape workshop, a Cronulla Beach night long exposure workshop, a Camellia Gardens exposure and portraiture workshop, and a studio workshop taking portraiture and still life.  It is as much as taking different subjects in different lighting conditions, as using the cameras modes and functions as many ways as you can, to have a better understanding of digital photography.

The second of my courses is ‘Flash, Ambient Light & Composition’ This is more advanced and requires a basic understanding of the principles of photography and the use of a digital camera.  Completion of the ‘Understanding Digital Photography’ course is recommended.   There are 5 practical workshops included in this course.  Again, practical workshops is the only way to learn.  Theory is important but the practical workshops are where you will actually learn how to become a photographer.

Option two is Private Lessons where up to three people can share the costs of tailored private lessons.
This option suits shift workers or perhaps Mums or Dads that find it hard to get out regularly to participate in classes at night.
Added Benefit with these type of lessons.  You can come with your partner, or one or two friends.  The price remains at $60 per hour (for 1 – 3 people). Share the cost to as little as $20 p/h each

Lessons are tailored to your needs.
I will sit down with you and go through how you set up your camera, show you what the menus and functions do, and teach you the important aspects about digital photography, so that you can take consistently better images.
These Private Lessons can also be an alternative to the 10 week courses, where we still go through the 10 week course program, but with total flexibility.

Come on a day or at a time that suits you.  Maybe once a week or even once every couple of weeks.  You can come as many or as few times as you like.  You don’t need to pay in advance, just when you come.
You can still participate in the workshops that are included in the 10 week ‘Understanding Digital Photography’ course.

With these types of lessons, remember, it is tailored to suit your photography needs and interests.
People wanting to understand the basic  skills, and develop a better understanding of their camera, and digital photography, that’s fine.
Maybe you wish more advanced skills such as learning about manual photography, shooting RAW format, or perhaps wanting to having some insight into starting to build a photography business and earning some income from photography.

You might be struggling with a particular aspect of your photography, so I can be more specific, and focus on that.
Perhaps you just want a quick overview before going on an overseas trip.

Just contact Greg to discuss your photography lesson needs, or to arrange a Gift Certificate for someone that has a passion for photography.

Have some questions, go to the ‘Contact Greg‘ page of this website to request further information … or ring 9528 3475, or email

happy shooting,