– Adobe Lightroom Lessons

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a program designed specifically for photographers.  Unlike Adobe Photoshop CS or even Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom speeds up enhancement process using a friendly interface that is easy to learn, and welcomed by photographers (amateur and professional), since it’s launch several years ago.  This link takes to to all the Adobe Photoshop Products.

I run private 3 1/2 hour lessons for 4 people, to teach you how to use the ‘Develop Module’ of Lightroom.  This module is where you enhance and modify your images.  I go through many of the features associated with this module, then (using your own images) get you to process your own images using your newly gained knowledge.

The cost is $60.

You just bring a USB with 20 images that you would like to see enhanced (corrected).
Note: RAW images enhance better, but jpg is fine …

If you don’t have a friend that shares your interest in learning Lightroom, then I have plenty of people who would like to join somebody for the lesson.

Lessons are currently run on Wednesday or Friday evenings.

Have some questions? Go to the Contact page to request further information
… or phone Greg on 0415 412 244

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